Protección de sus datos médicos

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This Patient Data Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) applies to patient data centrally maintained by MDC Sweden AB (“MeeDoc“, “We”, “Us”) and the licensed health care professionals, including psychologists, employed or contracted by MeeDoc (the “Doctors”) and provided by you within the scope of your use of the health services through the MeeDoc mobile health service and on (jointly referred to as the “Service”).

central patient registry

Your patient data is stored in a central registry kept by MeeDoc (the “Patient Registry”). Your data can be accessed in accordance with the provisions in this Policy and other applicable laws and regulations by doctors and other health care professionals involved in your care.

By accepting this Policy, you allow for the Doctors and other health care professionals involved in your care to see the information contained in the Service, including self-made entries. You also consent to the processing of your data in accordance with this Policy and as required to provide health care of a good quality within the scope of the Service. Doctors and other health care professionals involved in your treatment will be able to access patient data through the Patient Registry.

Responsible health care provider

MDC Sweden AB

Address: c/o Accountor, Dalagatan 100, 111 81 Stockholm, Sweden

Organization number: 559028-2926

Phone number: [insert relevant contact details].

E-mail: [insert relevant contact details].

Responsible person

Joakim Röstlund

Address: Larssons Berg 11, 431 66 Mölndal, Sweden


Use of patient data and the Patient Registry

The Patient Registry and its content, including patient data, will only be used for the following purposes, unless otherwise provided by law:

  • the fulfilment of the requirement of keeping a patient record under the at any time applicable Patient Data Act (SFS 2008:355, as amended) (the “Patient Data Act”) and other requirements related to the use and handling of patient data under applicable laws and regulations;
  • the provision of health care and as a result of the provision of health care related to the individual patient;
  • administration related to the individual patient, including but not limited to information whether the patient gives permit to other doctors treating the patient to see the medical record entries made by another doctor when it is necessary for his or her treatment;
  • systematic and continuous development of the Service in order to ensure quality of the health care provided;
  • administration, execution, planning, evaluation and supervision of the Service; and
  • the production of health care statistics.

Patient Data content

Patient data includes such personal information provided and produced within the scope of the Service that does not fall within the scope of at any time applicable Personal Data Act (SFS 1998:204, as amended). This includes the following information:

  • the patient’s name, social security number and contact information;
  • essential health information related to the provision of health care;
  • patient documentation, including patient records and other documentation required under applicable laws and regulations in relation to the provision of health care and related research;
  • information about whom has produced and accessed the patient data as well as information about the doctors involved in the treatment of the patient; and
  • other information, notes or similar provided by the patient, the treating physician or other within the scope of the Service and the keeping of the Patient Register.

The patient’s medical history, including medical records, provided within the scope of the Service is stored in the Patient Registry, as well as any appointment and billing information.

The transfer of patient data

All patient data is confidential and anyone involved in the treatment of a patient, the handling of patient data or the handling of the Patient Registry, including the responsible person, is under a professional duty of confidentiality. Patient records and patient data may only be disclosed in accordance with the provisions of the Patient Data Act, the Patient Safety Act (SFS 2010:659, as amended) (the “Patient Safety Act”) and other applicable laws and regulations.

Patient records may be disclosed:

  • upon request by the patient or persons closely related to the patient unless deemed to be harmful for the patient’s health and wellbeing or otherwise contrary to the purpose of the health care provided in accordance with the Patient Safety Act and other applicable laws and regulations; or
  • when legally required under applicable laws and regulations.

Any request for disclosure of patient data or patient records should be preceded by a confidentiality assessment. If it is deemed that the patient record cannot be disclosed to the patient or a person closely related to the patient, the request should be submitted for consideration by the Health and Social Care Inspectorate (Chapter 8 Section 2 of the Patient Data Act).

Patient records may be disclosed to nationwide authorities sustaining health care registers for the purpose of research, planning and statistical purposes under the Patient Data Act.

protection of patient data

Patient data will be treated with automatic data processing (ADP). Patient information is accessible only to the persons entitled to under the Patient Data Act and other applicable laws and regulations. The use and access of patient data will be monitored and documented.

Patients’ right to access patient records

The patient has the right to access its own patient records (Chapter 8 Section 2 of the Patient Data Act).

  • The patient should be provided access to its patient records without delay.
  • The right of access can only be denied in exceptional circumstances. The grounds for refusal could be, for example, that the issue of information could result in a serious risk to patients’ health or treatment or any other rights (Chapter 8 Section 2 of the Patient Data Act and Chapter 6 Sections 12 and 13 of the Patient Safety Act).
  • Using the right of access is free of charge.

MeeDoc ensures that access to a patient record or other patient data is carried out in a secure and reliable manner. Prior to the disclosure of patient data or a patient record, the patient’s or the closely related person’s identity will be securely verified and a confidentiality assessment will be carried out based on each request.

The request to access your patient records or other patient data shall be addressed to MeeDoc. Please see Section 3 for relevant contact details.

Correction of patient Data and Personal information

The registrar shall, without unfounded delay on its own initiative or at the patient’s request rectify, erase or supplement outdated personal data in the patient registry that for the purpose of treatment and provision of good health care is erroneous, incomplete or otherwise unnecessary.

A request for correction shall be made in writing and be sent to MeeDoc, please see Section 3 for relevant contact details. Each request and the patient’s identity will be evaluated and securely verified before any correction is made.